pimp master brenda (sedations) wrote in longboats,
pimp master brenda

⇀ icon requests [ oo1 ]

All right. Since breaking this community in seems like a good idea, I'll open it up by taking coloring requests! With that, please read the following guidelines:

• Provide some kind of black and white picture (manga, doujin, etc.)
• Crop (but DON'T resize) the picture to a general area you want me to focus on for coloring. I like to have some room, but not to the point where I can get carried away. (which I often do...)
• Provide a reference picture so I know what colors to use.
• Specify if you want an LJ icon or Plurk icon.
• Only one request per person at the moment.

Below are some full sized examples.


And yes, I do stuff outside Hetalia requests. LOL.
Tags: ☀ requests, ☁ brenda you are a pompous creature

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