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Unfortunately, my photoshop has totally broken and there's no way in hell I can afford a new copy—since I was dumb enough to let the free CS 5 trial run through, cracked copies don't work for me either. Unless I can somehow find a working license code or find some other magical solution, that makes this the last icon post from me for… a long while. :( If anyone has any idea of how to get around this, though, I'd be eternally grateful!!

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Pokemon -- banette


my thread here & parron's thread here

I'm sure all of you have heard about the events that happened in Japan by now. I'm taking part in a group of icon makers to raise money to support the relief efforts in Japan. There are more details at the page, so please take the time to read it. There are a variety of amazing icon makers participating, so please check it out!

⇀ icon requests [ oo1 ]

All right. Since breaking this community in seems like a good idea, I'll open it up by taking coloring requests! With that, please read the following guidelines:

• Provide some kind of black and white picture (manga, doujin, etc.)
• Crop (but DON'T resize) the picture to a general area you want me to focus on for coloring. I like to have some room, but not to the point where I can get carried away. (which I often do...)
• Provide a reference picture so I know what colors to use.
• Specify if you want an LJ icon or Plurk icon.
• Only one request per person at the moment.

Below are some full sized examples.


And yes, I do stuff outside Hetalia requests. LOL.